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Three Best Ekiben not to miss in Tokyo Station

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

If you missed my previous post and have no idea what an Ekiban is: An Ekiban is a boxed meal you find at train stations throughout Japan. And when I say throughout Japan, I mean absolutely everywhere. The different types of boxed meals are also staggering. There are over 200 different kinds of Ekiben sold in Tokyo Station alone. From Katsu Sando to Chirashi sushi, I have no doubt you will find something you love. You can stop by Matsuri, one of many Ekiben shops in the station. But if you want a fun place to start your gastronomic journey of Japanese boxed meals, here are the three best-selling Ekiben to consider:

#1: Gyuniku Domannaka: Thin slices of beef stewed in an opulent, rich spread are the key to its popularity. The various textures of the beef combined with the soy sauce-based secret sauce provide a rich, complex flavor. This meal is a gem that will make you smile the moment you taste it because the flavor of the beef and the sauce are infused into the fluffy "Domannaka" rice made in Yamagata Prefecture.

#2:Kobore Ikura & Fatty Salmon (grilled salmon) Grilled Harasu (Japanese salmon) with fat and salmon roe (from Northern Japan, Sanriku) marinated in soy sauce that overflows over the top make up this opulent and aesthetically pleasing dish. The recipe also benefits from adding salmon flakes, which provide extra texture and flavor.

#3: Hiraizumi Uni Gohan (Sea urchin) Steamed sea urchin seasoned with a special soy sauce-based broth is generously placed on a bed of rice. The sumptuous appearance is overwhelming. Enjoy the harmony of the plump salmon roe and soy-sauce marinated salmon roe.

You were in a hurry and didn’t go to the shop? No worries. Ekiben is everywhere. You can pick one up at a number of Kiosks on the train platforms or even inside the trains. Enjoy!

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