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The Most Exclusive Vegetarian Restaurant in Tokyo

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We don’t usually think of vegetarian restaurants being exclusive and five star. One such restaurant exists in Tokyo that serves Shojin Ryori, or traditional Buddhist cuisine. This food is plant-based, frequently vegetarian, and vegan-friendly. It is served in temples and traditional Japanese eateries all around Japan. It used to be a component of a monk's training regimen.

’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I very much enjoy Shojin Ryori. It’s amazing how well you can taste the pure vegetable ingredients. You will be pleasantly surprised by how rich these vegetarian meals are when made in this style.

HOT TIP: To experience the ultimate Shojin meals, you must visit Daigo (Vegetarian meal DAIGO) in Tokyo. In this Tea House style of architecture restaurant, exquisite meals are served in the stunning private rooms overlooking the impeccable Japanese traditional garden. They’re happy to accommodate halal and vegan guests. I recommend having lunch there so you can enjoy the view of the garden during the day. And let me know what you think!

Check out my Food page and Accessible Travel page for more information on vegetarian and vegan food.

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