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A local train going on a bridge over a beautiful gorge in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan


Fukushima is located in the Tohoku Region of Japan, in the northern part of the main island of Honshu. Fukushima was struck by the quakes and tsunami in 2011. The region has recovered and is safe to visit in most areas.  Fukushima especially welcomes international visitors. This prefecture is blessed with natural beauty and fertile land. It’s famous for its excellent Sake and various fruits. There are 63 Sake breweries and Japan's 4th largest sake country. You can enjoy visiting the Abukumado limestone cave or Goshiki-Numa (five-colored lakes), which change colors depending on the angle of the light and the position you see the lakes from. Fukushima is known for Kitakata ramen, Inawashiro soba, and delicious peaches. If you would like to learn about the safety of Fukushima, you can visit this site: The Capital is Fukushima city.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines
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