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Yokohama bay in Kanagawa Prefecture


Kanagawa is right next to Tokyo in Kanto Region. Yokohama was a trading port and is a very modern city with high-rise buildings. It has the largest China town in Japan to enjoy authentic Chinese food. Kamakura is a historic town with many temples and shrines. You find the 36 feet tall bronze Buddha statue from the 13th century. It’s the second-largest seated Buddha statue in Japan.


Hakone is another scenic town and the incredible views of Mr. Fuji which is registered as a World Heritage. Kanagawa offers fantastic Misaki tuna, Shonan citrus, Takaza pork, Yokohama ramen, and more. Kanagawa also has a great China town where you enjoy authentic Chinese food. The Capital is Yokohama City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines

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