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Uzushio, whirlpool in Naruto in Tokushima


Tokushima is located In the eastern part of the island of Shikoku. This prefecture is known for the swirling whirlpools in Naruto. Naruto is also the starting point of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, in which you visit 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk, Kukai (Kobo Daishi). It’s 750 miles route, and the pilgrims travel on foot. Awa Odori, a dance festival, is very famous. More and more international visitors participate in the magnificent and uplifting festival every summer. Tokushima is known for Awaodori chicken and delicious Shiitake mushrooms. The Capital is Tokushima City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines
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