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Niigata fire works


Niigata is located in the Chubu Region, next to Kanto Region in Japan’s main island, Honshu. It faces the coast of the Sea of Japan. Niigata is well known for quality seafood, rice, and sake. Niigata is blessed with great rice, crystal clear water from the mountains, and a cold climate; it has 89 Sake breweries, the most significant number of Sake makers in Japan. From powdery snow to the best firework festival, you enjoy Niigata all year long. Niigata has one of the best sake makers in Japan. In addition to sake, Niigata is known for Hegi soba noodles, rice, and great seafood like oysters and crabs. The Capital is Niigata City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate and arch in shrines and temples
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