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Breathtaking peach and plum blossom in Mie Prefecture


Mie is located in the Kansai Region. It has the most sacred temple in the Shinto religion called Ise-Jingu Grand Shrine. To get to the temple, you go through old historic towns to enjoy the regional food and the traditional crafts.  Iga is famous for Ninja. Here, you can learn more about their life and try the Ninja experience.  Shichiri Mihama beach is known for sea turtles. In Ise-Shima, you can see how experienced women divers harvest pearl oysters without an oxygen tank. Mie offers mackle sushi, Ise-Ebi (Japanese lobsters), oysters, Ise udon noodles, freshwater eels, abalones, and the famous Matsuzaka Gyu beef. The Capital is Tsu City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines

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