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Kameiwa cave in Chiba prefecture that inspired Ghibli's animation, Hayao Miyazaki


Chiba is located next to Tokyo, where Narita Airport is the leading international airport. International tourists may not go beyond the airport, but it has many charming destinations. Chiba has Japan’s longest sandy coastline called Kujukuri Beach, a popular destination during summer. The two Disney Parks are also popular destinations for international and domestic travelers. Naritasan Shinshoji Tempol is a famous temple with over 10 million people every year. You go through Monzen Machi road to visit the temple, where over 150 restaurants and shops find traditional soba,  BBQ eels, and traditional Japanese sweets and crafts. Chiba offers sweet watermelons, Asia pears, peanuts, and many vegetables. The Capital is Chiba City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines

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