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The golden shrine is Nikko Toshogu in Tochigi


Tochigi is located in Kanto Region. It’s very close to Tokyo yet and has access to Japan's rural and ancient side. Nikko is one of the most popular areas for stunning temples and shrines. It consists of 103 religious buildings within two Shinto shrines and one Buddhist temple. Most of them were contracted in the 17th century. A Buddhist monk constructed the early buildings in the 8th century.  The entire site is a World Heritage site. Nasu-Shiobara is well known for its beautiful natural scenery with popular hiking trails. You’ll see beautiful waterfalls and suspension bridges. The Capital city is Utsunomiya. Tochigi offers sweet and fragrant strawberries, Tochigi Wagyu, dairy products, soba noodles, and Utsunomiya potstickers.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines
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