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Saga rice fields


Saga is located on the northwest side of Kyushu. It’s best known for traditional Japanese ceramics in the last 400 years: Arita, Karatsu, and Imari. There is a historic secret village called Okawachiyama where the elite pottery artists produced the highest porcelain exclusively for the shogun in the old times. The town was secluded to protect the special techniques to make the finest pottery. Saga is a rare prefecture where you can experience prehistoric Japan, the Yayoi period between 300 B.C. and A.D. 300. Yoshinogari has the largest Yayoi archaeological site in the nation. Saga is known for tofu, Saga Gyu beef, Saga ramen, and seafood like squids sashimi, oysters, and Takezaki crabs. The Capital is Saga City.

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Torii, traditional Japanese gate, arch in shrines and temples
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