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Beautiful rice field in Miyagi


Miyagi is located northern part of the main island of Honshu, in the Tohoku Region. It’s on the Pacific Coast and has a beautiful shoreline. Matsushima consists of 260 small rocky islands covered with majestic pine trees. It’s considered one of the best three views of Japan. Sendai City has the remains of 17th century Sendai Castle, built for the famous samurai lord Date Masamune. The colorful Tanabata Festival attracts more than 2 million people to the city every summer. In 201, the quakes and tsunami struck Miyagi. It is recovering, and their domestic tourism is bouncing back. They especially welcome international visitors. They love you to discover the beauty of Miyagi. Miyagi is knowns for Sendai Gyu and Zao Gyu beef and delicious seafood, such as abalones and uni. The Capital is Sendai City.

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Torii, Japanese traditional gate, arch in temples and shrines
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