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Gokayama, Ainokura Gassho houses covered with snow at night in Toyama


Toyama is located in the Northern Chubu Region of the mainland of Honshu. It’s another beautiful snow country. Here you see old thatched-roof houses in Ainokura and Suganuma. The places are called Gassho zukuri because the frame of the roofs look like joined hands as if they are praying. They’re picturesque and remind me of old Japanese folklore. The fishery in this region is also well known. They catch high-quality fish, including famous firefly squids and super sweet white shrimps. Toyama’s traditional crafts are trendy, such as wood crafts, glassware, and bronzeware. Toyama offers one of the best place seafood in Japan. My favorite is Shiro Ebi (white shrimps). They’re small and super sweet. It’s also known for Himi udon noodles various sushi. The Capital is Toyama City.

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