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"Not that kind of" Geisha Coffee at Uniqlo Cafe

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Geisha are known to be traditional women entertainers in Japan. But I’m talking about the coffee renowned for its floral, jasmine, chocolate, honey, and even black tea-based sweet flavor and aroma. It originated in the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia. and has sweet floral overtones and nuanced flavor profiles. Some claim that the word Geisha became more popular because a Japanese coffee buyer misheard Gesha and used it frequently.

When I visited Ethiopia, I wished I knew about the coffee and tried it. I did have other great coffee there every day and bought lots of coffee beans to continue to enjoy after I got home. Geisha might be expensive now because it is quite tough to cultivate. It cost $170 per pound in 2010. A cup of geisha coffee is available at Geshary Coffee


Visit this cafe, Geishary Coffee in Hibiya, Tokyo. It is a specialty shop that sells exclusively geisha coffee. At Uniqlo, the Ginza location has a café on the 12th floor, and you can order a cup of Geisha coffee at a more affordable price.

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