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My Favorite Beef: Omi Wagyu

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

You might have heard of Kobe Beef or Miyazaki Beef, as there are over 150 wagyu brands throughout Japan. But have you heard about Omi Wagyu? It's my ultimate favorite Wagyu brand. It's from Shiga prefecture in the Kansai region, Western Japan. This brand of beef is just extraordinary. It is tender with a burst of flavor and melts on your tongue like butter. The fat is sweet and rich but never greasy. Sukiyaki is a very popular beef dish, which is also my favorite. But to savor the taste of Omi wagyu, I’d recommend eating it as a steak with a touch of sea salt.

No time to go to Shiga Prefecture? Here is a solution: Visit Cocoshiga (Japanese-only) website or go to Nihonbashi in Tokyo. On the shop's second floor, you can taste delicious Omi wagyu at the restaurant Morishima. If you want to learn more about Omi wagyu, check out "Only in Japan" video.

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