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Be a Shogun for a Day

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

You’ve watched the movie. You may even be nerdy enough to know the movie is based on a book, but did you know you can be a Shogun for a day? As girls, we would go on school field trips to ancient castles and learn about our history. When I visited Himeji castle, I wondered what living as a warlord or aristocracy wearing a lavish and colorful kimono was like. Now is your chance to fulfill your fantasy of commanding a traditional Japanese military force. Seriously!

HOT TIP: You are invited to fully immerse yourself in the realm of the Shogun at Neold Private House. You can spend the day there dressing as the Shogun, ordering traditional fare, and having your liegemen serve you. Neold Private House in Nara.

To learn more about Nara and historic places, check out the prefecture page and the interest page.

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