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Enchanting Cherry Blossoms-Best Places

In the land of the rising sun, there's a spectacle that never fails to captivate hearts and minds—the enchanting cherry blossoms of Japan. With over 600 different varieties painting the landscape in a myriad of colors, these delicate flowers hold a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people.


Despite their breathtaking beauty, cherry blossoms have a remarkably short blooming period, typically gracing us with their presence for just one to two weeks. It's a reminder of the fleeting nature of beauty—a concept deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. Also, growing up in Japan, you know that when graduation or the beginning of a new school year approaches, it's also cherry blossom season. This time of year stirs up a special blend of emotions—a heartfelt goodbye to classmates mingled with the excitement of stepping into a higher grade or starting afresh at a new school.

Rooted in history, the tradition of cherry blossom viewing called “hanami” dates back over a millennium to Japan's Heian period. Since then, cherry blossoms have woven themselves into the fabric of Japanese culture, influencing everything from art and literature to fashion and cuisine.


As a gesture of friendship, Japan has gifted cherry blossom trees to countries around the globe. One notable example is the gift of 2000 cherry trees to Washington D.C. by the Mayor of Tokyo in 1912, fostering the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival—a testament to the enduring bond between nations, united under the canopy of these exquisite blooms.

As spring approaches, let's pause for a moment to marvel at the splendor of cherry blossoms, reminding us of the fleeting beauty of life and the enduring power of friendship and renewal.


Here are some of the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms: in Tokyo and outside of Tokyo.

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