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The Five Best Affordable Hotel Chains

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

It’s no secret that hotels in Japan can be costly. And no one wants to compromise on safety and comfort to afford the trip of a lifetime. Don’t worry. I’ve put together some of the most affordable and safe accommodations I could find for you. They aren’t super fancy, but I can tell you that, as a woman, I feel safe here:

#1 Dormy Inn: They offer five different brands of hotels. Some are Japanese style with beautiful spas and saunas, and others offer premium Air Weave mattresses for a good night's sleep and provide gourmet breakfast in the morning.

#2 Apa Hotel: This hotel chain is convenient for many travelers because it is near major train stations. They offer the original Apa Hotel bedding and provide comfort to their customers to rest well every night.

#3 Toyoko Inn: Every room is nice and clean. They offer complimentary breakfast and are always in the most convenient locations.

#4 Vessel Hotel: This is the best hotel for traveling with children. The rooms are 50 percent bigger than an average hotel room, and children stay for free. They even rent out toys and baby products.

#5 Route-Inn Hotel: Few inexpensive hotels offer much in the way of luxuries. This place is an exception. You can enjoy upgraded accommodations at the Rout-Inn, and their complementary breakfast boasts over 35 different tasty items on the buffet menu.

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