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Experience a Rare Japanese Tradition: Indigo Dyeing

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Here's a little story about my family: My maternal relatives used to run an Aizome studio in the countryside of Nara and made traditional curtains called Noren. "Aizome," is fermenting an indigo plant to dye various fabrics with a fantastic, unmistakable indigo color.

My mother still remembers the time she visited her uncle as a young child. His studio was mysterious and filled with the Indigo scent. The beautiful deep blue fabrics hang outside to dry in the garden. The winds were blowing them like giant blue butterflies in the clear sky. She remembers him with his dark blue stained nails from years of indigo dyeing. She would run around the studio with huge pots of indigo. I wish I could go back in time to visit his studio. It sounds so enchanting.

The “Indigo dyeing experience" offers a chance to enjoy producing traditional Japanese indigo-dyed artwork as my great uncle used to. You can make various products, from purses and tenugui hand towels to full-fledged Yukata (summer kimonos) and Noren.


Here are some of the workshops in the Tokyo area:

Kosoen Japanese only,

Ochioai Japanese only,

Mizuno Japanese website only (*We will have the logo for the “Japanese only website.”

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