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Becoming a Ninja

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

I was always so excited to visit the Ninja houses when I was little. The hosts would magically show you the secret doors and how to disappear through hidden staircases

. Nothing beats learning about the lives of real-deal Ninjas.

The historical records prove Ninjas existed after the Northern and Southern Dynasties 1336-1392. During the War States era, feudal lords in different parts of the country hired Ninjas to infiltrate enemy land, carry out destruction, night raids, ambushes, acquire intelligence, etc. But contrary to the Western notion of Ninjas, the most crucial duty was to serve as spies for the lords. It was imperative to stay out of harm's way and return alive. Many had double lives. The best Ninjas were thought to come from the Kyoto-area regions of Iga and Koga.


You can actually step into the life of a Ninja. Visit Iga-Ryu Ninja Dojo in Kyoto or the Ninja Information Center in Tokyo to learn what it takes to be a ninja. You’ll discover unique intelligence skills, stealth techniques, ancient weapons, and more.

Check out my Kids section and Historical & Spiritual page to learn more.

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