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Unique Travel to Japan

Thinking of visiting Japan? You’ve found the perfect travel site! Let “FIND YOUR TABI” help pick the perfect adventure specifically tailored to you!

= Tabi = Travel in Japanese

Want to visit exotic outdoor hot springs or the annual Japanese manga convention? FIND YOUR TABI is your quick reference guide to help you create your dream vacation. Let me help you design a one-in-a-lifetime experience in the land of the rising sun.

family seal called Kamon

Activities & Interests


Nature & Outdoors

Japanese gold and lacker craft, soup bowl, Kanagawa


Ginza Shopping Area, Tokyo shopping and night life


Japanese traditional gourmet food

Food & Drink

Tojinbo Cruise in Fukui prefecture

Sightseeing Trains & Boats

Gold hanging lanters in a temple in Japan

Historic & Spiritual Sites

two children practicing Kendo, Japanese swordship

Sports &


TV, Anime & Films Locations

Want to discover more tips for traveling to Japan?

Featured Blog

family seal called Kamon
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Why am I sharing?

Thank you for visiting my website. I’m a Japanese native, and am currently living in California. My friends and acquaintances often ask me for suggestions when traveling to Japan, and although there are many great travel websites in English, I realized that it still takes a lot of time to gather all the information needed to plan the trip of a lifetime.

A well-traveled woman visiting TeamLab digital art museum taking photos.


Yorii is a traditional Japanese gate or archway that you see at the entrances to Shinto shrines and at Buddhist temples in Japan
Ruri dera temple in Kyoto famous for Japanese maple leave folliage
Kasuga no taisha temple deers in Nara, Japan
A tunnel of Torii, Japanese shrine gate, Fushimi Inari, Kyoto Japan
Hanging laterns in a Japanese shrine in Kyoto Japan
Beautiful colorful hanging lantens
Ryokan that inpired Hayao Miyazaki's animation
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